In my pre 20’s I did 3 years of classical piano and had the dream to learn counterpoint, harmonization. Life had it other way and I could not follow this path for some years. As I resumed songwriting in 2018 I slowly went back to my passion for classical music and the study of orchestration. I spent time reading scoresheet, attending classical concerts, reading books about how to score for an orchestra. With recent technology some digital music plug ins are able to emulate instruments sound and dynamic quite well (if you are patient enough to program them for hours) and I started to invest time and money in those. I wrote 2 songs that are more classical influenced and 1 is on the album being released this summer, called “Fermer les Yeux”.
This song took many shapes and forms. Written around some repetitive notes patterns on acoustic guitar, changed to piano to electric guitars… and finally end up being using classical instruments and piano to tell this story. The vision was to offer a classical score using Flutes, Clarinets, Bassoon, Strings and from the Horns family only a light French Horn to keep sound quite aerial.
My journey brought me back to collaborate with Javier Zacharias, a talented and awarded multi instrumentalist and film scoring composer. Javier has been mentoring my work on classical composition, sitting with me (online) for long nights to rearrange classical instruments parts, brainstorm, rewrite and start again. For this song I am pleased to announce that Javier extended his collaboration and wrote some beautiful piano lines.
Next for the song will be to collaborate with Roby Tola on fitting electric guitars to this classical piece. He came with a beautiful counter melody on the Oboe which will make its way to the final version of the song and give a very 70’s vibe to the chorus.
The main vocal part has been recorded and special care has been put in backing vocals, knowing that I wanted to keep a light sound approach but also offer trademark harmonies.
More to come soon.