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ALIA FAY : The Recording of a Siren chant

For a new song Philippe & Gabriel was looking for a singer who could take the role of a siren. Someone who could cover both a seductive role attracting sailors at sea but also could turn into a menacing chant. After some investigations he met Alia Fay online. Polish artist, Alia Fay was about to release her debut album “Alienka”More…ALIA FAY : The Recording of a Siren chant



I suppose one cannot write a Folk album without featuring a harmonica. Interestingly enough for the song “L’inspiration” I tried everything for the solo, from sitar to gospel choir, to psychedelic voices and other horns and flutes and percussions…. It is only when I decided to collaborate with Leon on testing various things for another song that I thought …maybe he could give aMore…HARMONICA SOLO


“L’Inspiration” took many twists and turns before reaching its current state. We tried many versions with acoustic guitars and pianos … but the one thing that really stood out is the great guitars part from Christopher Campbell from Jamaica. What a soulful take he proposed with 2 guitars spiralling and blending together. All the other instruments were recorded around this great take! Hope you will like it. 😊


In order to get a 70’s sound from a Rhodes piano and electric pianos lines I did reach out to Dave Lagrande based in Nashville. Through an online collaboration he recorded the Rhodes behind La Nuit, Inspiration and several other songs. He found the right balance between keeping things simple but slightly jazzy and his beautifully crafted licks give a warm sound to those songs. Thanks again Dave!

AGUS VIVO : Recording In Argentina with the singer of La Femme D’Argent

When Philippe and Gabriel worked on “La Nuit” he had in mind to record a female Spanish singer for the chorus and ending part. He thought that this would marry well with the flamenco guitar parts written by Arturo Ramon. Through Javier Zacharias famous arranger and composer based in Argentina he was able to get in touch with Agus Vivo.More…AGUS VIVO : Recording In Argentina with the singer of La Femme D’Argent


Following the recording of a Flamenco guitars solo and intro I had in mind to include another vocal line that would highlight the genre and make it stand out from other songs on the album. I contacted singer Azahar López who kindly agreed to embark on this online collaboration. It took very few takes to align on these beautiful vocal lines that bridges the soloMore…LA NUIT: INVITING A FLAMENCO SINGER

Giving a Flamenco touch : introducing the guitarist ARTURO RAMON

“La Nuit” started as a standard folk song, the funny story of a man in love…. like many others light romantic songs. Then the chorus developed and behind the smiles unfolded another theme, the suffering of not being loved back. In order to keep the balance between the sadness and the more upbeat parts Philippe & Gabriel came with theMore…Giving a Flamenco touch : introducing the guitarist ARTURO RAMON


During the arrangement work on “Les Bras Tendus” Roby Tola was talking about the mood of the song and how it took him back to a city in France where he heard someone playing in the street an accordion melody while people passed him without noticing him. I wanted to build on it and started looking for an accordion player thatMore…ACCORDION


Maybe one of the first song I was able to complete in 2019 “Envolez moi” started with a horn section. Using my iphoneand sitting on a caffe facing the sea I spent 5 hours straight writing various lines and melodies and harmonies. It is only when my battery ran out that I ran home to record those on Cubase. It worked. CaffeMore…HORNS SECTION