“La Nuit” started as a standard folk song, the funny story of a man in love…. like many others light romantic songs. Then the chorus developed and behind the smiles unfolded another theme, the suffering of not being loved back. In order to keep the balance between the sadness and the more upbeat parts I came with the idea to sing a piece in Spanish and highlight it with some percussions that have been played with non-other than Daniel Sadownick. The song could have stayed as is, but the story had it otherwise. Tiptoeing around for collaborations I looked for Flamenco artists and started to brainstorm with the very talented guitarist Arturo Ramon on writing a guitar solo. His melodies were brilliant and soon I was using some guitar parts to write an introduction as well and we started a back and forth jam. Following these collaborations, the song took a very different turn for a latin vibe which I wanted to explore further. But this is another story …. 😊