Writing songs alone in your living room … if the idea sounds appealing, the reality is sometimes much more complicated, and it was a long and often painful apprenticeship for me. Where do the melodies and lyrics come from? Do we start with music or with words?

You also have to master all the technical part on your PC, install and use the various programs. Crash your PC and start all over again…. Again and again.

Then start learning the different instruments. Write the drums and bass parts before trying to compose for a classical orchestra, instrument by instrument … all by ear! And always making sure that the technique does not stifle creativity, but on the contrary, boost it, develops it …

It all took 10 years. Ten years is a long time!

In 2019 I started collaborating online with musicians and with the help of a few friends I managed to share my first demos which ended up being heard by Roberto Tola, a renowned jazz arranger and composer. Together we reworked some songs to give them a better rhythmic and harmonic structure, and we accompanied them with subtle arrangements of guitars juxtaposed by Roberto with goldsmith precision.

And the magic of encounters, the magic of chance, an inspiration that must be tamed have transformed over months, sometimes years, these songs into stories. Like the chapters of a life that are all slightly different but at the same time similar.

Good listening.

Philippe & Gabriel